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How to Wear Pants for Streetwear in 2020?

How to Wear Pants for Streetwear in 2020

Streetwear fashion is a comfortable and complex concept. On the one hand, it is totally laid back and relaxing; on the other, it has been making its way into high-end fashion, as well. Ever since Gucci incorporated streetwear clothing items in their latest collection, the lines have started to blur.

Whether you are a jeans fanatic or enjoy cargo pants for a streetwear look, choosing the right pants can either make or break your look. It is one of the most essential clothing items in your wardrobe, and you should take it very seriously.We took the liberty of finding the most trending streetwear pants for men, so why not take a look below?


What Pants Should I Buy for Streetwear?

When it comes to streetwear pants, majority of us will pick jeans with our eyes closed. The go-to pants of streetwear, offer cool vibes effortlessly. The distress denim jeans can instantly add an edgy touch to your outfit. But the streetwear pants have a lot more to offer if you are interested.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or want to know the ongoing streetwear pants, we have you covered. Let’s go through the essential streetwear pants that you can wear every day.


1.   Athletic Pants

Whether you are a gym rat or not, you must have a pair of athletic pants in your wardrobe. These pants are extremely simple and super comfortable. You can wear them anywhere you go, from the gym and jogs to running errands outside. Athletic pants taper down near the ankle, so you don’t trip and fall while running. Pair them with classic black trainers to create an all-time favorite look.You can always pair it with a plain tee, zipper hoodies, and a set of grey trainers. Ready, set, and go!


2.   Streetwear Black Pants

The color black can perfectly represent the year 2020.  A pair of black denim offers you unlimited flexibility, so you never have to worry about matching colors. With this best streetwear pants, you can go with monochrome or an all-black look. If you want to add more colors to your outfit, you can always pair it with shades of white, cream, or pastel. Try different shades of black denim to create a timeless look.


3.   Streetwear Cargo Pants

The next pair of streetwear pants you can rock are the cargo pants. This streetwear bottom can add a unique vibe to your appearance. You can find these pants in different shades, prints, straps, and designs. If you are interested in streetwear style, then cargo pants are a must-have for you.

The cargo pants offer you the versatility to pair it with different tops. Remember to choose a top that complements the color of your pants, or you will have a clashing outfit.


4.   Track Pants for Streetwear Look

These are the basic streetwear track pants but with a modern twist to it. Track pants offer more convenience with a tapered leg and drawstring. The streetwear pants are extremely lightweight, making it a perfect choice for everyday wear. Whether you are having a barbeque party with your friends, going to attend classes, or just want to relax at home, track pants are your number one option.While the tracks pants were originally designed for athletes and runners, people wear it for both casual and workout purpose. Luckily, its ever-growing popularity makes it a perfect option for your wardrobe.


5.   Baggy Streetwear Pants

A few years ago, no one would have expected the baggy pants to rule the fashion world again. This year, we were all saved from wearing uncomfortably tight bottom, and the credit goes to baggy pants.

Baggy pants or puddle pants are trending in the fashion world for a while now. People have been embracing the comfort that it has to offer. With different styles, colors, prints, and fabric available, you can easily create a streetwear look of your choice. So, how do you wear baggy pants for streetwear look? A simple option is to pair it with a white t-shirt or a cozy hoodie for a classic outfit.


6.   Shorts for a Laid Back Look

If you are looking to create a comforting summer outfit, shorts should be on top of your list. They keep you comfortable and sweat-free during a hot summer day. You can go to the beach or run errands with the latest swag style.Luckily, shorts have constantly been evolving. Now you can buy shorts in different colors, styles, or prints for a unique look every day. Pair your shorts with a half-sleeved shirt or a tank top to complete your outdoor look.


7.   Streetwear Leggings

Initially, leggings were only found in a woman’s wardrobe. However, with the ever-changing fashion trends, leggings have made their way to the guy’s shopping cart as well. If you ask a guy to purchase leggings, people would have called you crazy. Even if men bought leggings, they were only limited to gyms and sweat sesh.

Male leggings or meggings are now one of the sleekest streetwear available in stores. It was only a matter of time that men started to realize the significance of meggings. Not only are they comfortable, but you can create plenty of streetwear looks with it –the sky is the limit. You can pair it with a denim jacket or a classic hoodie for added comfort.


Streetwear Style: Where to Buy Pants for Extra Comfort

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