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9 Best Streetwear Outfit Ideas for Men and Women in 2021

 9 Best Streetwear Outfit Ideas for Men and Women in 2021

“The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be.” –Bill Cunningham

Fashion is evolving almost every day, with magazines and TV shows creating new trends. With time, big changes have popped up in the fashion industry for both men and women. As we move forward, people change, which in turn affects the world of fashion. One of the major fashion trends emerging to the surface includes streetwear outfits.

One of the most liberating facts about streetwear outfit for men and women is that nearly everything is unisex. Whether you are looking for winter or summer streetwear outfit, the only limit is your imagination. Embrace the new comforting look every day with the best items for streetwear outfit.


What Is Streetwear Fashion?

The specific definition of streetwear outfit varies from person to person. However, it mainly focuses on casual and comfort wear. Think denim, trainers, hoodie, or a sweatshirt. From patchwork looks to oversized tops, there is an endless list of styling options available in the market.

Curious about the latest streetwear outfit ideas for 2020? Want some style inspiration for the season? You have come to the right place. Streetwear fashion has been evolving since the early 2010s. Now it has become a modern and relaxed take on fashion. The style offers you the freedom to express yourself. Here is a list of streetwear clothing items that are always trending in the fashion world.

Outfit #1: Grey Hoodie With Cargo Pants

Let us begin with a must-have apparel in your wardrobe –a classic grey hoodie. Whether you like wearing oversized tops or not, wearing a hoodie can offer you the comfort you need. Pair a classic grey hoodie with black or navy cargo pants to create the look of the week. Both options offer comfort and convenience without making much of an effort. Wear a white shirt underneath the hoodie, and a pair of sneakers will work best with the outfit.

Outfit #2: Make a Bold Statement With a Bright Orange Streetwear Outfit

A good streetwear outfit is the one that allows you to express yourself without compromising comfort. If you are someone who enjoys going bold, neon is the right color palette for you. Grab a neon jacket and wear it over a cozy turtleneck top along with mom fit jeans for extra comfort. The neon jacket is the perfect option if you're wanting a streetwear girl’s outfit.

Outfit #3: Denim Jacket

Nothing screams streetwear more than a denim jacket over black pants with a matching dad hat. Whether you are feeling chilly or too lazy to dress, an oversized denim jacket is a vibe. You can also wear a hoodie underneath the jacket for extra warmth. Remember to wear a pair of contrasting sneakers before heading out.

Outfit #4: Oversized Cam Jacket With Comfy Leggings

When it comes to streetwear style, camouflage print became a staple style option for many. While the print might have become a wardrobe option in the late 1960s, it is still embraced by many. Today, the camo print has become a casual style option, functioning as a neutral. Create a simple look with a camo jacket with a plain tee under, leggings, and classic black trainers.

Outfit #5: Classic Denim On Denim

When it comes to streetwear styling, simplicity is everything. Throwing your favorite denim jacket or ripped jeans can be a relaxed outfit choice. Denim on denim is the perfect option for both women's and men's outfits in the streetwear category. Master the denim on denim look to create streetwear blue outfit that delight the eyes. Remember to pick your colors carefully, so both items always complement each other.

Outfit #6: Keep It Clean With White Hoodie and Trainers

Now you can create an elegant and comfortable look without stressing about it too much. But, the key to nailing this elegant streetwear outfit is to keep it clean. Even a single spot of mud on your white trainer can ruin the vibe. Pair your white hoodie with a light wash jeans to create a timeless look.

Outfit #7: White T-Shirt with Distressed Denim

If you are feeling a bit warm to create the white hoodie look, substitute the hoodie with a plain white tee. Again, pair it with a light wash ripped jeans or denim shorts for a streetwear outfit. Carry a black tote every time you step out the front door.

Outfit #8: Black Coat as a Streetwear Outfit

A perfect streetwear spring outfit for men and women is to pair a classic black coat with meggings/leggings for a dark look. Black has recently become an iconic style option for many. You can top off the look with grey or black trainers for an all-black look.

Outfit #9: Bomber Jacket Combined With a Hoodie

Since the return of bomber jacket, people have been going crazy about them. You can always create a sophisticated look with hoodie-under-the-jacket strategy. The classic clothing item found its way back to the limelight in 2020. Top brands such as Gucci, Tom Ford, and Balmain have added bomber jackets to their collections for a unique twist.

If you are thinking about adding a new bomber jacket to your wardrobe, it is the right time to buy one. Few items can offer you flexibility and a timeless look, and bomber jackets are one of them.

Put Together a Sleek Streetwear Outfit

Are you wondering about how to put together a summer streetwear outfit? The streetwear items mentioned above timeless classics that would keep you in style forever. Clearly, streetwear will be a hyped fashion trend for ages. You can explore outfits for men and women to look good when raining, with streetwear trends. Streetwear outfits offer you a chance to play with ideas, regardless of your age, size, skin tone, or gender. Choose a style that portrays your style the best and rock some of the most iconic streetwear looks in history.